Rat Pack Tribute


It began as a simple vision watching an old Rat Pack movie in a little apartment in North Hollywood.... Dubbed the "Rat Pack Revue", these three fellow artists and close friends, found themselves in unchartered territory. Many people had never heard the term "The Rat Pack" (it was actually an endearment Humphrey Bogart's wife had given her husband and his party-crew years earlier), nor had the thought of putting Frank, Dean and Sammy impersonators together on the stage-at the same time- for one swoonin' extravaganza!!! Now a few decades later, the boys are still going strong!! The term "Rat Pack" is recognizable worldwide and you will find live shows up and down the Las Vegas strip, in the heart of Hollywood, deep in the Palm Springs desert, on the boardwalks of New Jersey and in the middle of New York City and Manhattan!!! Have Frank invite Sammy and Dean and make it a night to remember!!!
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